Weigh Loss Shakes and Smoothies

Take shakes for weight loss – the fashion in recent years. However, in the “diet advanced” West became the first cervical mix already in the 70s of the last century. It then appeared Slim Fast, and with it and became the classic formula: “One glass for breakfast, one for lunch, and a rational balanced dinner.”

The idea of a cocktail is not so bad – the products of the plan at the same time help to reduce caloric intake, getting easily digestible protein, and learn to control their cravings for tasty, but unhealthy food. However, in recent years, the idea of replacing main meals cocktail lost its popularity and today slimming drink neck almost like athletes – after strength training, or instead of dinner.

However, drinking a cocktail – not a mandatory condition for weight loss, as a measure designed to improve the comfort of your diet. Protein shakes for weight loss The idea behind the use of these products is simple. A typical diet “fails” due to the following factors: significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels, “patient”, caused by the rejection of the usual carbohydrate snacks; thirst for goodies caused by the psychological need to “paint” your life with the help of food; an unbalanced diet on protein, itself being a provocateur attacks of hunger.

This trio makes even the most strong-willed lover diets overeat and do not allow to maintain a low-calorie regimen long enough for sustained weight loss. Plus go purely domestic problem – what to eat in order to “fit in calories,” what if the work schedule does not allow for dinner fully as “eat” the necessary amount of protein, if breakfast is not “climb” for lunch – a sandwich, and dinner, when you come home, it’s late, and so on. Cocktails are helping to solve the whole complex of problems, because they: contain 10 to 20 grams of protein per serving; enriched with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber; easy to use and allow you to maintain a healthy diet; tasty, and can be a substitute for sweets and desserts.

The idea of replacing the “normal eating” of the cervix can be expressed in three forms: the reception of specialized products for losing weight – Energy Diet, Dr. Slim, Turboslim Cocktail, Lose Weight Week protein shake, and others. Pros – easy, often you just need to dilute the contents of the package a little water and stir. Cons – not always “the most satisfying in the world” decision.

Often the transition from the normal supply to the liquid, a person can not cope with the banal habit to chew on, and still manages to overeat. Some brands do terribly sweet drinks for weight loss, taking their triggers overeating in the usual way “carbohydrate swing.” sports food intake – isolates were whey / soy / pea protein powder, diluted with water. It is also convenient, plus sports nutrition typically contains more protein. But the cons are standard – a lack of dietary fiber, constipation and possible deterioration of the skin, eating disorders due to the “longing for the normal human diet.”

This option can be good, if the isolate is drunk after a workout on muscle development, but it is bad – if, instead of the usual food. welcome cocktail on popular recipes – in fact, the usual healthy eating. slimming prospects depend on how well he will enter these cocktails in a healthy diet. Recipes for making home drinks in a blender: 100 g cottage cheese 0%, half a banana, a cup of yogurt and cinnamon to taste; cup of frozen berries, a glass of sour milk, pear; a cup of yogurt, 100 grams of cottage cheese, stevia sweetener, a teaspoon of cocoa powder type “gold label” no sugar. Cocktail with ginger slimming Weight loss with these drinks is based on the belief in … fat burning properties of ginger.

Those science is not proven, but the spice has a bright flavor that, in itself, acts as a kind of “stopper appetite.” Eating spicy foods and drinks can “shock” the taste buds, in the end, the consumer of these products is less than eating at lunch. All ginger drinks are used for 20-30 minutes before meals, except kefir-ginger neck. The latter is sometimes used as a substitute for the first breakfast or a late dinner. Cold drinks: 100 grams of grated ginger root, 1 liter of water. 4 tablespoons of honey, juice of 4 lemons; 1 teaspoon powdered ginger, 1.5 liters of water, 4 tablespoons of rosehip syrup spoons, juice of 1 lemon. Kefir products: a cup of yogurt,? tsp ginger, cinnamon milled on the tip of a knife, a teaspoon of honey; all the same, but the change of dry ginger 1 tablespoon grated fresh root. Green cocktail for slimming This product consists entirely of herbs, fruits and vegetables and is used as a low-calorie version of a healthy breakfast or snack. “Legendary” properties of green cocktail – the ability to transfer the body of vital energy directly from the gifts of the earth, burning fat at the expense of the negative calorie beverage, and a decrease in appetite due to the transition of the notorious life energy in your body from vegetables / fruits – are not supported by the science. It’s just a good choice of drink, rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and dietary fiber. In general, cynical nutritionists believe that a glass of green smoothie better than skipping breakfast and then overeating at lunch. And the “eco” part of the cocktail of the kingdom has a diuretic effect, so causing instant plummet. Recipe: dill, a bunch of parsley, 1 green apple, half a banana, 1 pear, ice cubes. All mix blender at maximum speed.

Possible replacement of fennel with parsley on spinach or any other leafy vegetables and the addition of cucumber instead of pears. The effectiveness of slimming cocktails No magic. This is a common food, “efficiency” that weight loss is highly dependent on how it provides the basic rule of weight loss – creating a caloric deficit. If you are absolutely not used to drink a meal, do not eat soups in everyday life and do not think that consumed for food, perhaps with a cocktail you will not work. The process of transition to semi-liquid diet will cause an even greater surge of appetite and stress in everyday life. As a result, the main objective will not be achieved, and the power will remain chaotic.

The second term success – quality cocktails. The market sportpita frequent counterfeiting, which reduces the chances. If you decide that a cocktail you will be more convenient to keep to a diet – welcome to the audited stores, with good reviews and normal production. And, of course, avoid sellers’ happiness with it. ” In general, humanity is divided into those who are comfortable this form of diet-food, and those who are better yet, develop a low-calorie cuisine. You never know which part of the treat until you try.

But there is a “list of contraindications.” Replacing the usual food beverages is strictly prohibited in all eating disorders, kidney diseases, liver and digestive tract. And these recipes appropriate to apply, already accustomed to a small deficit of calories. So, for starters, it makes sense to sit on a normal healthy diet.

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