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Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

Various types of robot vacuum indeed make homeowners a bit daunting as they need to choose. Considering the cleaner based on the price only is so lame. You have to consider the quality of the brand, the warranty, the features and more. If you are stick with one consideration that tends to use budget only, then you are wrong. You have to make sure that you choose the right one that fits your needs. What is your concern? Do you want robot cleaner for big rooms? Do you want a cleaner that is good at cleaning pet hair? Or do you just need to have best robot vacuum for hardwood floor? We all know that it is not easy to keep the hardwood floor looks good especially if you want to keep it great without leaving any scratch after cleaning. You have to be careful in choosing the cleaner then. If you have no choice after surfing on the internet, this list might be helpful for you.

Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

Neato Botvac Connected

The first robot cleaner you can choose for good hardwood cleaning is Neato Botvac connected. It is good for any kind of hardwood cleaning. It gives the best parallel cleaning and thorough hardwood cleaning, but it was reported having a minor problem in WiFi connection. However, it is still considered as not all smartphone might find that minor problem in Neato robot cleaner.

The bObi Classic

The second robot vacuum cleaner that comes as the best choice for hardwood cleaning is bObi classic. It comes with sensitive and good remote control, HEPA filter and washable dustbin. Among three brands, bObi classic might be the best one and moreover, it could save your budget for the future as it is known for the durability.

The Roomba 860

Roomba 860 is the most affordable and yet it can tell whether the first has been in the bin or not, it also could be good for hardwood floor. The thing that could make it better is wifi connection that is not available in Roomba 860.

Tankless Water Heater – Is It a Good Choice?

So you find yourself in a position of upgrading or replacing a failed water heater. Depending on your time frame it make make sense for you to consider the best tankless water heater.

The real question is, are tankless water heaters that much better than other choices? There is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about having hot water instantaneously available. Tankless systems are supposedly much better energy savings, however, this may not be entirely accurate.

If you are considering a tankless system there are of couple of things you might want to consider.

Most people do not like to wait for hot water and most of all they do not like to run out of hot water.

Companies have jumped into and out of the tankless “on demand” market. When companies leave the market exiting customers suffer because they no longer have access to spare parts or technical support. Consumers need to be careful when purchasing tankless systems because financially inspired companies tend to inflate the actual capabilities of their units. Promises of better efficiency and greater savings definitely get buyers attention.

However, in reality home owners may realize they’ve paid considerably more money at the front end and now their utility bills are a ot higher than before. In addition, the system may require expensive service bills which if not performed voids the warranty.

Tankless systems enjoy a unique marketing advantage; there are no standards so comparing competing units is VERY tough.

One Glaring Issue

Traditional water tank heater systems allow a home owner to demand hot water use from multiple sources simultaneously. So a cloths washer, dishwasher, and shower can all pull hot water at the same time. With tankless systems, this situation is more difficult to solve. To enable hot water to multiple locations tankless systems need to be larger or in some cases, multiple units.

Bottom Line

Do your homework. Tankless systems are more complicated water heating system and may require significant plumbing alterations and in some cases multiple units.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are the most common installed units. When you use hot water cold water enters the tank to replace any hot water that was removed. A thermostat senses the water temperature and if it has dropped below the set level it activates the heating elements. Even when not in use the water temperature drops so the heating elements are activated to bring the water back up to its set temperature.

For this reason when you’re choosing a new electric water heater is best to pick the right size needs for your household. Too small of a tank could mean you’ll run out of water when there is heavy use. Having too large of a tank means you’ll be paying each month for your tank to constantly heat the stored water. This results in a situation where you’re paying for something that you’re not actually using.

Determining your household water usage is the first order of business when choosing a new electric water heater. How many bathrooms, how much simultaneous uses will there be (showers, toilets, cloths washer, etc)? The greater simultaneous demand the larger tank you’ll need. As an example, a couple living in a large home or a large family living in a small home will not need the same capacity water heater as a large family.

If you own a house or condominium remember, most manufacturers have sizing programs that will help you determine which size tank is the your best choice.

Perhaps the more important question is, “Did the old water heater work good enough?” If your answer is no, a lot of people will think, “I have a 30-gallon, so I should get a 40 gallon” or “I have a 40 gallon, so a 50 gallon would be better.” Here’s where thinking in terms of tank size might be a mistake. A better choice is to think in terms of first-hour recovery, which is a term that determine how quickly a tank heats water.

First-hour recovery combines water tank capacity with what it can heat in one hour. Second hour performance is going to be less as the tank would not be starting full of hot water. First-hour recovery in combination with the yellow federal energy sticker is perfect way of comparing different tanks.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas and electric water heaters are the most common methods for delivering hot water in households.

In a typical home situation gas brings water temperature to the desired level about twice as fast as electrics units do. and costs less than half what it takes for an electric water heater to produce the same amount of hot water. It is speculated that gas systems are less efficient than electric, however, electricity costs are typically more expensive.

To insure the gas connection is not broken special secure installation caution should be taken for gas systems so the tank cannot be dislodged or fall over which could create a gas fire.

If your current water heater is electric and natural gas is available to your home changing could save you money. Yes, electric systems come with higher energy ratings than gas units but electric is a more expensive way to to heat water.

Many feel that if gas is available, it might make sense to switch to a gas system. Of course if electricity is your only option or where it is physically impossible to ventilate the gas fired emissions. Experts feel gas is a cheaper and much quicker way to heat water.

The Department of Energy released residential energy sources rated at average dollar cost per million BTUs of heat:

– natural gas: $12.18
– heating oil: $16.01
– propane: $20.47
– electricity: $31.21

Clearly these figures will fluctuate according to your energy charges in your area, but the bottom line as reflected in the above figures is: If gas is available and your home can accommodate a gas system it would make sense to heat your water with gas.

An alternative…

If you currently heat your water with an electric system and gas is available you might want to consider an external gas fired system such as the Gas-Fired Products company and their unit is called the Seahorse. Your electric tank remains and the electric heating units are removed which converts your water heater into a storage tank.

A gas powered system is then installed on an outside wall where venting is no longer an issue and then plumbed/attached to your “new” storage tank. Gas is not piped into your home but only to an exterior wall where the unit is located. With three times the capacity of heating water external gas fired systems make a lot of sense.

Propane Water Heaters

Considering the high cost of generating hot water every homeowner would appreciate any possible way to lower that monthly bill.

One possible alternative is converting a conventional water heating system to propane. Heating water with propane has been shown to reduce utilities costs by up to one third which represents a substantial savings over a year. Propane systems are more efficient in most situations as compared to electric water heaters. It’s been shown that a 50 gallon propane system can provide as much hot water as a 60 to 80 gallon electric system.

System Design

Propane systems have been shown to fill and heat water in about half the time as compared to an electric system. And considering it costs one third less to operate the appeal soon becomes apparent. Homeowners have discovered they can increase efficiency and savings with tankless propane water heaters which can return up to 60 percent lower utility bills than electric models.

Environmental Impact

Propane is a more efficient choice. Reduced electricity needs translates to electrical power plants are able to lower their production capacity which in the case of coal-fired power plants means fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Tank Type Propane Systems

Tank propane systems have been available for quite some time and are available in most retail building supply outlets. The bottom of the tank is heated with propane which heats the water to the designated thermostat controlled setting.

Tankless Propane Systems

Gaining in popularity tankless propane systems are quickly becoming the water heating system of choice for several reasons. Primarily tankless propane systems are the most efficient use of gas. Water is only heated when a demand is placed on the system by an open hot water valve such as in a fixture anywhere in the home.

As water is circulated through “coils” in the tankless system it is heated with a by a propane burner. Hot water is them circulated to the fixture with the open hot water valve. Once the valve has been closed the system senses the water has stopped flowing and the system goes into standby.

Tankless Vs. Tank Propane Water Heaters

Water delivery is the same regardless of tank or tankless. However, upfront costs can be substantially different with tankless systems costing up to twice that of standard water heaters. Yet, operationally, the tankless system yields far great savings and can literally pay for themselves in months as apposed to years overs standard tank systems.

Homeowners have liked the fact that space requirements for tankless systems is very small as compared to a tank system. Considering it’s low space profile a tankless system can be installed on an interior wall and vented to the exterior through the wall. Some propane water heaters can be actually mounted on an exterior wall.

Solar Water Heater

Also called solar domestic hot water systems a solar water heater has been shown to be a cost-effective alternative method of generating hot water for a home. Most people are unaware that these systems can be used in any climate.

Solar systems are comprised of water storage tanks and solar collectors. Active systems have circulating pumps and passive systems do not.

Solar systems need water tanks that are much more insulated than other water heater systems. Two tank systems preheats water which then enters a standard water heater. One tank systems combine a storage tank and back-up heater into one unit.

Residential solar collectors

Flat-plate collector:
Flat plate weatherproof collectors have an absorption plate one or several layers of glass or plastic.

Integral collector-storage systems:
Referred to as batch or ICS units these systems contain one or more black tanks in a glazed box. Water is cycled through the solar collector where it’s preheated. The preheated water is then circulated into a standard backup water heater. These units are restricted to mild freeze environments because their pipes are exposed to the outdoors and will freeze.

Evacuated-tube solar collectors:
These units consist of transparent glass tubes in parallel rows. The tubes consist of an outer glass tube and a metal collection tube affixed to a fin. A solar collection material coats the fin and enables solar absorption while simultaneously slowing heat loss.

Cost effectiveness
Considering that almost 15% of the average home’s utility is used to heat water installing a solar water heater may be a good choice both financially and environmentally. A typical install averages $7-8 thousand dollars and a the investment recoup period typically is less than 5 years

On average passive systems are preferred because they are less complicated (no pump to circulate water) and have less chance of failure. Reliability, longer life, and easier to maintenance make passive systems more desirable than more complicated active systems.

While solar systems are attractive it is critical to also have a back-up system in the advent the main solar collection system is disabled. Back-up systems only need to be able to provide minimal amounts of hot water and are only needed in emergencies.

Add a Gravity-Fed Recirculation System

Add a Gravity-Fed Recirculation SystemThe facts: A family of four wastes as much as 12,000 gallons of water every year waiting for hot water to travel from the heater to the tap. The wait wastes water and energy, and puts an unnecessary burden on sewage-treatment systems.

The fix: Recirculating systems eliminate the wait by delivering instant hot water to all the fixtures in your house. Most systems use an electric pump, but even energy-efficient pumps cost money to run. You can put the pump on a switch, timer, or motion sensor for efficiency, but you sacrifice the convenience of hot water on demand.

If you really want to save energy dollars and always have hot water at the tap, ask your plumber about a gravity-fed recirculation system. If you want to reduce your water-heating bill to zero dollars, consider combining gravity fed recirculation with a solar water heater.

This is how gravity, then recirculation works: When water is heated, its molecules expand and become less dense. Gravity causes the denser, and therefore heavier, cold water molecules to sink to the lowest point in the system. All that’s needed to set up circulation between the hotter water in the top in the colder water at the bottom is a loop that returns from wherever the desire for instant hot water is located to the lower connection of the water heater. This generates a thermal circulation flow gently move hot water out to the end of the loop and back through the return. The entire loop must be well insulated to prevent wasting energy and short-cycling. With no moving parts to wear out, the system supplies instant hot water throughout the house 24 hours a day.

Savings: At between $600 and $1400 initial cost of a recirculation system might seem like a deal breaker, but if you consider their return on investment, you’ll see the real value a recirculation system can offer. But say you’re wasting 12,000 gallons a year waiting for hot water to come through. Eliminating that waste with a gravity fed recirculation system saves you $265 in water, sewage, and water heating costs. Now, if you’re saving a total of $265 annually and the system cost $1200, the annual ROI is an attractive 22%. A hefty tax free return and no waiting for hot water-it doesn’t get better than that. A recirculation system powered by a pump will save you somewhat less.

Add a Thermal-Expansion Tank

 Thermal expansion tankThermal-Expansion Tank

As water is heated in the expands. A properly sized TXT gives the expanding volume water a place to “grow” while protecting the tank and plumbing system from thermal-expansion stresses. Water cannot be compressed, but air can. The two are separated by a rubber diaphragm inside the expansion tank.

The facts: when water is heated, it expands. Heating 40 gallons of 40°F water to 140° generates 3/4 gallons of thermal expansion. Without an expansion tank, this water leaks out of the tanks temperature and pressure (T&P) valve, ruins the water heater, or causes a leak in the piping-the weakest link in the chain. T&P relief valves discharge under three conditions: pressure that is 150 pounds per square inch or above; temperatures above 210°F; or when the valve is worn out or fouled with debris. A badly leaking relief valve can double or triple your water heating bill.

The fix: A properly sized thermal expansion tank TXT should be installed to accommodate the increase in volume as water is heated you’ll find TXTs in your home centers next to the water heaters. Installation instructions come with each tank.

Grip fittings available today have virtually eliminated the need to solder piping, so the trickiest part of installing a TXT is providing proper support. Because water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon., good support is essential to prevent stressing newly installed joints. Provide that support with metal hanger strapping; don’t use the cheap plastic stuff. Most thermal expansion tanks for residential use come in two sizes: 2 gallon and 4.5 gallon. For an extra $15, your system will be better protected by the larger one.

The savings: adding a properly sized TXT can save money by reducing wear and tear on your home’s plumbing. The water heater will last longer; the faucets won’t wear out as quickly; and piping and fittings won’t break, split, or develop leaks caused by high pressure. It’s a wise investment.

Find and Repair Leaks and Drips

Find and Repair Leaks and Drips

The facts: Leaky plumbing that’s not causing damage-such as faucet dripping into a sink-is often ignored. But a single hot water faucet that grips once a second, 60 drips per minute, cost the homeowner with a gas-fired water heater $22 a year in wasted Btu alone.

Depending on where you live, you might also pay for water and its disposal; in some areas, that adds about $24. Not bad? If that leak is actually a dribble that fills a ounce cup of minute, it’ll cost $348 annually-plus $230 for the water and its disposal. If your water heater runs on electricity or oil, these numbers will be even higher.

The fix: Most leak repairs are manageable by any handy homeowner and can be done with little expense. Leaks in more remote areas can easily go been detected, but many can be found with a little investigation.

If you have municipal water, the meter probably has a telltale spinner; if the faucets are all shut off and it’s spinning, you’ve got a leak. If the meter doesn’t have a tattletale gauge, record the reading in the evening after your last Jews and again in the morning before you using any water. If there is a difference, then you have a leak.

Well-water systems present a different challenge for detecting leaks, in this case, a pressure gauge like the Watts|WTG can be screwed onto any available hose threaded faucet. Open the faucets, return to the well tank, and close the outlet valve. This isolates the homes piping from the well tank. Water is essentially non-compressible, so even a minute late-like a slow drip-show up on the gauge as a decrease in pressure.

Other areas to check visually for leaking hot water include the water heater’s Inlet, outlet, boiler drain, and relief valve ports, where leaks can be wicked into surrounding insulation and evaporated quickly by the heated storage tank. Other common leaky sites include pinholes in piping; joints that weep were solder has cracked or where threads are not adequately tightened; and joints between different types of piping.

Once you’ve found the leak, the first step-whether you tackle the repairs yourself were: a pro-is shutting off the water (something everyone in your household should know in case of a plumbing emergency). Next, you have to determine what you need to repair the leak.

Pipe and joint leaks can be sealed with do-it-yourself kits sold at home centers; the kits contain a wide variety of push on self sealing fittings or compression fittings that adapt to virtually any type of piping. You might want to call in a pro if soldering or special tools are required.

If a faucet or toilet is leaking and are tackling repairs yourself, it’s suggested you first search the Internet for your toilet or faucet model. You’re likely to find an exploded parts view along with details about repairs or parts to order. Armed with this information, a trip to your local big-box retailer won’t be half as frustrating as it would be if you were to stare blindly at a wall lined with thousands of parts. Once you have the parts, complete the replacement according to manufacturer’s directions.

The savings: Let’s say you discovered several drippy faucets. You check the water meter reading over an eight hour. And you find you’ve lost 4 gallons. That’s 126 trips per minute. It is worth your time and effort to fix the faucets? Repair parts might cost $5-$50 and a few hours of your time.

If the leaks or on the hot side in the heat with oil, those trips cost about $185 a year. Chances are the repairs will last for 10 years, or longer, saving you $1845 over the long run.


Review: Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – My Nest

Review: Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – My Nest

very handy thing, really offloads the waist, tummy comfortably supports
the price is high, in a small room is constantly thwarted by day, it is difficult to feed the child
89896896I want to write a review on a really useful thing – a pillow for pregnant women. Being pregnant for the first time this pillow I was at all to anything, cope without her, and did not feel any discomfort either. But the second time … Already on the mid-term problems began – began to ache lower back, despite the fact that I had previously engaged in yoga, horse driving and office mode aggravated case. I slept with folded blankets and pillows, roll with rolling in designs. As the morning getting out of bed I decided, could not it a few weeks hard to buy a pillow, chose to understand what is the charm of each model, and there were a whole bunch of – of “sausages” to “banana”, and the prices are troubled times, reached 3000 rubles per pillow.

Stood on the U-shaped model from the company “sweet dream”, with anti-allergenic filler in the form sinteponovye balls, two chose the size of 280 cm, this was enough to increase 160.

Pillow was packed into a large bag, so gently it I have to push myself to failed, broke polyethylene. Pillow heavy enough, is very flexible, soft and has a convenient detachable zip pouch. Sleep in it proved very convenient, one tail adheres to the back, others tummy. Indeed – the nest. Dived into the pillow, in the hole. For one thing, I had a long time to get used to the neck, with long habit she was ill, it is very elastic filler in a pillow, I used to sleep almost flat. Flips in the bed turned out to be too elementary, only to throw the leg to the other side and you’re done.

Just a pillow chosen son and husband, her husband went to the full, pillow occupied all the space in the bed, was very happy that after giving birth I removed it, though … I’d come back to it). For feeding, I would advise that the smaller and more compact, this makes no sense to carry a boa constrictor, especially if the room is not enough space.

And another drawback. Pillow is very hot. If the winter I merzlyachku is saved, the summer heat, but with a riot of hormones that’s just annoying, coupled with persistent nocturnal leg cramps.

Weigh Loss Shakes and Smoothies

Take shakes for weight loss – the fashion in recent years. However, in the “diet advanced” West became the first cervical mix already in the 70s of the last century. It then appeared Slim Fast, and with it and became the classic formula: “One glass for breakfast, one for lunch, and a rational balanced dinner.”

The idea of a cocktail is not so bad – the products of the plan at the same time help to reduce caloric intake, getting easily digestible protein, and learn to control their cravings for tasty, but unhealthy food. However, in recent years, the idea of replacing main meals cocktail lost its popularity and today slimming drink neck almost like athletes – after strength training, or instead of dinner.

However, drinking a cocktail – not a mandatory condition for weight loss, as a measure designed to improve the comfort of your diet. Protein shakes for weight loss The idea behind the use of these products is simple. A typical diet “fails” due to the following factors: significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels, “patient”, caused by the rejection of the usual carbohydrate snacks; thirst for goodies caused by the psychological need to “paint” your life with the help of food; an unbalanced diet on protein, itself being a provocateur attacks of hunger.

This trio makes even the most strong-willed lover diets overeat and do not allow to maintain a low-calorie regimen long enough for sustained weight loss. Plus go purely domestic problem – what to eat in order to “fit in calories,” what if the work schedule does not allow for dinner fully as “eat” the necessary amount of protein, if breakfast is not “climb” for lunch – a sandwich, and dinner, when you come home, it’s late, and so on. Cocktails are helping to solve the whole complex of problems, because they: contain 10 to 20 grams of protein per serving; enriched with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber; easy to use and allow you to maintain a healthy diet; tasty, and can be a substitute for sweets and desserts.

The idea of replacing the “normal eating” of the cervix can be expressed in three forms: the reception of specialized products for losing weight – Energy Diet, Dr. Slim, Turboslim Cocktail, Lose Weight Week protein shake, and others. Pros – easy, often you just need to dilute the contents of the package a little water and stir. Cons – not always “the most satisfying in the world” decision.

Often the transition from the normal supply to the liquid, a person can not cope with the banal habit to chew on, and still manages to overeat. Some brands do terribly sweet drinks for weight loss, taking their triggers overeating in the usual way “carbohydrate swing.” sports food intake – isolates were whey / soy / pea protein powder, diluted with water. It is also convenient, plus sports nutrition typically contains more protein. But the cons are standard – a lack of dietary fiber, constipation and possible deterioration of the skin, eating disorders due to the “longing for the normal human diet.”

This option can be good, if the isolate is drunk after a workout on muscle development, but it is bad – if, instead of the usual food. welcome cocktail on popular recipes – in fact, the usual healthy eating. slimming prospects depend on how well he will enter these cocktails in a healthy diet. Recipes for making home drinks in a blender: 100 g cottage cheese 0%, half a banana, a cup of yogurt and cinnamon to taste; cup of frozen berries, a glass of sour milk, pear; a cup of yogurt, 100 grams of cottage cheese, stevia sweetener, a teaspoon of cocoa powder type “gold label” no sugar. Cocktail with ginger slimming Weight loss with these drinks is based on the belief in … fat burning properties of ginger.

Those science is not proven, but the spice has a bright flavor that, in itself, acts as a kind of “stopper appetite.” Eating spicy foods and drinks can “shock” the taste buds, in the end, the consumer of these products is less than eating at lunch. All ginger drinks are used for 20-30 minutes before meals, except kefir-ginger neck. The latter is sometimes used as a substitute for the first breakfast or a late dinner. Cold drinks: 100 grams of grated ginger root, 1 liter of water. 4 tablespoons of honey, juice of 4 lemons; 1 teaspoon powdered ginger, 1.5 liters of water, 4 tablespoons of rosehip syrup spoons, juice of 1 lemon. Kefir products: a cup of yogurt,? tsp ginger, cinnamon milled on the tip of a knife, a teaspoon of honey; all the same, but the change of dry ginger 1 tablespoon grated fresh root. Green cocktail for slimming This product consists entirely of herbs, fruits and vegetables and is used as a low-calorie version of a healthy breakfast or snack. “Legendary” properties of green cocktail – the ability to transfer the body of vital energy directly from the gifts of the earth, burning fat at the expense of the negative calorie beverage, and a decrease in appetite due to the transition of the notorious life energy in your body from vegetables / fruits – are not supported by the science. It’s just a good choice of drink, rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and dietary fiber. In general, cynical nutritionists believe that a glass of green smoothie better than skipping breakfast and then overeating at lunch. And the “eco” part of the cocktail of the kingdom has a diuretic effect, so causing instant plummet. Recipe: dill, a bunch of parsley, 1 green apple, half a banana, 1 pear, ice cubes. All mix blender at maximum speed.

Possible replacement of fennel with parsley on spinach or any other leafy vegetables and the addition of cucumber instead of pears. The effectiveness of slimming cocktails No magic. This is a common food, “efficiency” that weight loss is highly dependent on how it provides the basic rule of weight loss – creating a caloric deficit. If you are absolutely not used to drink a meal, do not eat soups in everyday life and do not think that consumed for food, perhaps with a cocktail you will not work. The process of transition to semi-liquid diet will cause an even greater surge of appetite and stress in everyday life. As a result, the main objective will not be achieved, and the power will remain chaotic.

The second term success – quality cocktails. The market sportpita frequent counterfeiting, which reduces the chances. If you decide that a cocktail you will be more convenient to keep to a diet – welcome to the audited stores, with good reviews and normal production. And, of course, avoid sellers’ happiness with it. ” In general, humanity is divided into those who are comfortable this form of diet-food, and those who are better yet, develop a low-calorie cuisine. You never know which part of the treat until you try.

But there is a “list of contraindications.” Replacing the usual food beverages is strictly prohibited in all eating disorders, kidney diseases, liver and digestive tract. And these recipes appropriate to apply, already accustomed to a small deficit of calories. So, for starters, it makes sense to sit on a normal healthy diet.

Comparing to choose the best wireless router

Are you looking for trusted wireless router reviews? We think that to find a user who does not use and has never heard of the wireless router (another name for this class of equipment – Router), today will not be easy. This device, if we talk about the main features allows you to create a home or office LAN, combining several customers and providing them with access to the Internet through a single connection. In may make computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, network storage devices, printers, receivers, televisions and other equipment as customers. Recently, there are more exotic options, such as lamps, sockets and kettles. For a direct connection can be used wire or wireless networks Wi-Fi.

iOn the market today are a lot of models of wireless routers, the cost of which differ by tens of times, so that the question of choosing the optimal variant is common. In this article we will talk about what kind of characteristics have this type of equipment, what you should look for when choosing and how to make their own demands.

First, we note that today, almost any equipment is a combination of hardware and software platforms. From a user perspective the two elements are essential, and only their effective interaction allows to get a good result.

Also note that in this article we will talk about the most mass segment of devices with an Internet connection via Ethernet technology – a standard network cable (twisted pair). But some of the information will be useful for those who use a variety of options for DSL and optics.


besprovodnoy_marshrutizator_netgear_wnr612_300rus_802-11n_2-4ghz_2xlan_150_mbps_1Let’s start with the first group, which is relatively easy to estimate, since these parameters are often given in the product description.
Wired ports

The vast number of router has ports for connecting a wired network – both for the operator of the cable, and for their own customers. An exception may be, perhaps, the only mobile models supporting only cellular networks and Wi-Fi. This is one of the most basic characteristics – you need to know only the number of ports and their speed. Become a standard scheme is denoted 1 × WAN + 4 × LAN, ie one port to connect to your ISP (WAN) and four ports for your devices (LAN). Some routers have a scheme 1 × WAN + 2 × LAN or 1 × WAN + 8 × LAN, which correspondingly changes the number of connected clients without any additional equipment.

Wired router ports

netgear_modem_dgn2200-2If you do not have enough LAN ports, it will help increase the number of network switches. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive device allows, roughly, from one port to make four or seven or more. Recall only that the wire has a rule: each client a port. The length of the standard cable from the router to the customer can not exceed 100 meters.

With the speed, too, everything is simple: current options for the mass market – a 100 Mbit / s or 1000 Mbit / s (1 Gbit / s). Accordingly, this number determines how much can quickly share data cables connected devices. Most of the suggestions of providers on the market today are limited to the value of 100 Mbit / s, and if you have any of the clients are planned only a couple of laptops and smartphones, have gigabit ports on the router may not be necessary. However, if you plan to use a network drive, and powerful desktop computers, work at 1 Gbit / s will be much more comfortable. In addition, it is important to match the speed of wireless connections.

Wired has one significant advantage over wireless: its speed is constant and maximum. It does not depend on the activity of the neighbors, the distances and other unpredictable factors. But, of course, this option is not suitable for mobile devices, and require cabling. According to the maximum number of wired clients for the vast number of home configurations restrictions exist. It is necessary to pay attention to the overall all-speed Internet channel. For example, if you want to watch two simultaneous online broadcast high definition for 15-20 Mbit / s each, it is desirable to have a data plan of at least 50 Mbit / s.

Wireless access points

netgear_r6400_ac1750The second, perhaps even more important today, characteristic of the wireless router settings are installed in it an access point. Main features here – the number of bands supported standards and maximum connection speed.

Banding Wi-Fi, two in use today: the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In urban areas in the 2.4 GHz you can watch dozens of neighboring networks, which affects the speed and stability of your connection. So we recommend you to look at dual-band device (2.4 + 5 GHz), since 5 GHz today is still relatively free. Of course, this makes sense only if there is support for 5 GHz band from your customers. From a technical standpoint, a dual-band router has two independent radio unit and creates two separate access points. Customers thus can be connected to any of them, but only one at a time.

Wi-Fi Basic standards of today’s market are two: the most massive 802.11n and 802.11ac gaining popularity. The first works in the 2.4 and 5 GHz, but may use only 802.11ac 5 GHz. At the same time, all other things being equal 802.11ac provides a higher speed connection. As is the case with a range of customers must support these standards.

As for speed, we notice that the characteristics of the router indicates the so-called connection speed. The real performance data exchange tasks typically about two times lower. In addition, wireless access point divides all his speed among all connected clients, so that more of them at the same time exchange data, the less each speed. In addition, there is a dependence of the rate of distance and obstructions.

The easiest way to estimate the connection speed on the number of antennas. For 802.11n, one antenna may provide a maximum of 150 Mbit / s (in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). The presence of two antennas allows to speak about 300 Mbit / s. And if the three of them – it is possible to connect up to 450 Mbit / s. And here again we must not forget about the consistency with customer specifications. For example, smartphone most only one antenna so that the router 450 Mbit / s which may be useful only in terms of improved coating, but not a formal connection speed.

Also worth noting is the presence of specific types of clients and routers restrictions in the 2.4 GHz band. The above 150 Mbit / s is provided on only when the “wide channel” (may be referred to as “40 MHz” or «HT40», in fact, in this mode the equipment uses two channels at once, rather than one with increased bandwidth). But part of the device in the presence of neighboring networks capable of providing only a 20 MHz channel, which leads to the connection speed to 72 or 65 Mbit / s on a single antenna.
Wireless router

Using 802.11ac is interesting and the fact that the current implementation of this standard supports the work simultaneously with four channels ( “80 MHz», «HT80»). This allows for 433 Mbit / s on one antenna (867 Mbit / s on two antennas, 1300 Mbit / s for three antennas). So on smartphones it is quite possible to get the numbers of the order of 200 Mbit / s for real communication speeds.
Wireless router

Note there is still two points. Do not forget about the characteristics of coherence with wired ports. If you have a 100 Mbit / s on the WAN and LAN ports, no 802.11ac will be unable to “open up” on your mobile device when accessing the Internet or the local network computers. In addition, the top segment meet today device not very well known “tri-band”. In this case it is that a router is set to one access point and two 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. In this recent work on different sets of channels and do not interfere with each other, which could provide a formal increase in overall performance for the correct distribution of customers for a variety of access points.
Another characteristic associated with wireless communications is antenna design. Most routers models have external antennas, and only a small number of different internal use. In our tests in a city apartment, we did not see any clear advantages from the first, and is likely to focus on this issue in the design of the case. The second point is related to the possibility of replacing the antenna. In some situations, it may be helpful to set better, or to delete from the router housing. However, the real effect will have to assess yourself. Given that the developers agree on all the radio settings, guarantees that will be better, no one will.

An essential characteristic for many users is the quality of wireless coverage. Unfortunately, adequately evaluate it in the test is almost impossible, because all the apartments and the conditions are different ether, and the open space of testing will not give useful information urban users. So here we have to focus on the characteristics specified by the manufacturer and user reviews. As for the solution of the problem with insufficient coverage, the most effective and correct option (after selecting placements main router) – is extra access points or repeaters.

In general, to assess the router by “range” is only yourself at the installation site and specific clients, because the quality of wireless communication greatly depends on their features and characteristics. At the same time today mobile devices, especially when talking about smartphones and tablets are not the most famous brands, rarely boast high-quality and efficient implementation of the radio module antenna.

The formal restrictions on the maximum number of clients domestic models do not usually have. In practice, in many cases, they “pull” a dozen other devices. But much in this case will depend on the customers and their requirements for speed and traffic volumes. It is one thing to connect the smartphone to view the five sites, and quite another – five IP-based cameras with high resolution and bit rate.

Review of Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet

On the off chance that you need to draw out the life of your floor covering in spite of having muddled children and pets at home, you have to get yourself a Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner. This is one of the most recent upright floor covering cleaners from Bissell focusing on house and pet proprietors with its different cleaning modes for handling different cleaning circumstances.


There are different reasons and elements for this rug cleaner getting more than 350 checked clients, where a large portion of them concur and express this is surely a 5 star floor covering more clean! As a matter of first importance, the Bissell ProHeat pet propelled floor covering cleaner is extremely lightweight; much lighter than most cover cleaners.

It weighs just 18.1 pounds, making it so natural to move and bear as required, without agonizing over straining your back. It even has expansive back wheels to utilize while moving it around.  (source

Enormous bundle at a little cost

In the event that you are on a financial plan, and are searching for the ideal rug cleaner to viably clean your floor coverings, then the Bissell Proheat pet fits your bill! In addition to the fact that it is reasonable, the floor covering cleaner accompanies a couple of extras a 3″ extreme stain, pet stain device and 2 jugs of hostile to bacterial cleaner; and a hose and sack to continue everything.

Bissell HeatWave TechnologyHeatWave Technology

_3Bissell floor covering cleaners have Heatwave innovation as their gadgets can keep high temp water hot to kill tenacious stains, allergens and bacterial development. This gives an additional explanation behind people groups experiencing regular hypersensitivities and asthma to purchase the Bissell ProHeat 2X pet. However do take note of that the Bissell ProHeat doesn’t warm water, yet can just keep up the warmth of the boiling hot water you fill the machine.

Two cleaning modes

A one of a kind component of the Bissell ProHeat 2x pet rug cleaner is that it offers two exceptional cleaning modes to use in various conditions. The Express Clean Mode is impeccable when in a rush and you have to clean a spill in a rush, as the floor covering dries in around a hour’s opportunity.

At that point when your pet makes a wreck on the floor, you can utilize the Deep Clean Mode intended to handle the hardest and most obstinate stains. While it cleans the chaos completely, the floor covering takes more time to dry.

Double tank framework

a9c299c293c8a40862315f244d1efc3e-png-750x750_q85The Bissell ProHeat 2x floor covering cleaner has a double tank framework where every tank has a limit of a gallon each. This makes it ideal for mortgage holders however maybe not for business use. The tank is likewise effortlessly expelled, refilled and supplanted without making a wreck.

Ideal compass

The machine likewise offers a broad achieve on account of its 22′ power string and 7′ hose. You can hence altogether clean huge rooms without rehashed unplugging and stopping. Additionally, the numerous frill which accompany the rug cleaner make it flawless to use for cleaning stairs, rug and upholstery.

Bissell-1548-ProHeat-2X-PetDirtLifter power brushes

The machine gloats of DirtLifter force brushes which together with HeatWave innovation, evacuates expel a wide range of stains and earth. The machine additionally has Edge Sweep brushes which gives you a chance to clean covers close baseboards. You can likewise utilize the unit to clean uncovered floors by purchasing a different Bare Floor instrument.

Ease of use

bissellproheat2x9500The rug cleaner’s position of safety lets you effortlessly reach and clean under furniture. Also, as the unit comes preassembled, you simply need to snap together two sections and it’s prepared to utilize! Its double brush move’s 12 columns of swarms guarantee a generally brisk cleaning while the convey handle and long power string builds the compass and ease of use of the item. To top it all, this is one of the calmest floor covering cleaners around.

Filtration framework

The Bissell ProHeat floor covering cleaner has as exceptional, best in class filtration framework which guarantees snappy, reliable and helpful cleaning for a considerable length of time.

Step by step instructions to utilize Bissell proheat 2x

For better results, evacuate furniture and vacuum the zone first before utilizing your Bissell ProHeat 2X cleaner to keep it from getting stopped up. If there should be an occurrence of tenacious stains, pre-treat the floor covering by splashing Bissell intense stain recipe on the stain.

Give it a chance to infiltrate for 3 minutes and after that fill the water tank and perfect obviously. It’s generally better to propel one pass and after that one in reverse go for better and more careful cleaning.

Bissell ProHeat 2x surveys

iYou can settle on a superior choice about purchasing this rug cleaner by experiencing a couple surveys clients have expounded on this floor covering more clean. It’s insufficient to experience a solitary Bissell ProHeat 2x survey; you have to discover what different clients need to say as the experience might be lovely to numerous and repulsive to a few! Here is a rundown of a couple of advantages and disadvantages of the unit which can likewise help you settle on your decision.


Lightweight and simple to handle

Moderately evaluated for a major bundle

Two cleaning modes to look over; Express and Deep clean modes

Its position of safety make getting under furniture fairly simple without moving around furniture.

Can clean upholstery utilizing its hose and devices

Unit is anything but difficult to collect and has a long rope.

Accompanies a 3-year guarantee, which is altogether higher than other Bissell more clean.

Proficient cleaning comes about

Lessened clamor and simple to store


A few shoppers gripe the tank is a bit too little

It tends to leave floor coverings clammy when utilized as a part of Deep Clean mode

Discharging the filthy water tank is not all that simple.


Every one of these elements demonstrate that the Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size rug cleaner is surely a venture worth making in the event that you have children and pets at home. Not just is the unit lightweight, simple to move and offers HeatWave innovation and two water tanks, it guarantees an expert evaluation cleaning comes about.

Its snappy cleaning mode and fast drying mode make this one of the best cover cleaners around, and something you can’t bear to pass up a major opportunity for. On the off chance that you have dependably battled keeping your rug spotless and hygienic in the midst of your home’s high activity, this floor covering cleaner may simply give the answer for your burdens.