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Review: Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – My Nest

Review: Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – My Nest

very handy thing, really offloads the waist, tummy comfortably supports
the price is high, in a small room is constantly thwarted by day, it is difficult to feed the child
89896896I want to write a review on a really useful thing – a pillow for pregnant women. Being pregnant for the first time this pillow I was at all to anything, cope without her, and did not feel any discomfort either. But the second time … Already on the mid-term problems began – began to ache lower back, despite the fact that I had previously engaged in yoga, horse driving and office mode aggravated case. I slept with folded blankets and pillows, roll with rolling in designs. As the morning getting out of bed I decided, could not it a few weeks hard to buy a pillow, chose to understand what is the charm of each model, and there were a whole bunch of – of “sausages” to “banana”, and the prices are troubled times, reached 3000 rubles per pillow.

Stood on the U-shaped model from the company “sweet dream”, with anti-allergenic filler in the form sinteponovye balls, two chose the size of 280 cm, this was enough to increase 160.

Pillow was packed into a large bag, so gently it I have to push myself to failed, broke polyethylene. Pillow heavy enough, is very flexible, soft and has a convenient detachable zip pouch. Sleep in it proved very convenient, one tail adheres to the back, others tummy. Indeed – the nest. Dived into the pillow, in the hole. For one thing, I had a long time to get used to the neck, with long habit she was ill, it is very elastic filler in a pillow, I used to sleep almost flat. Flips in the bed turned out to be too elementary, only to throw the leg to the other side and you’re done.

Just a pillow chosen son and husband, her husband went to the full, pillow occupied all the space in the bed, was very happy that after giving birth I removed it, though … I’d come back to it). For feeding, I would advise that the smaller and more compact, this makes no sense to carry a boa constrictor, especially if the room is not enough space.

And another drawback. Pillow is very hot. If the winter I merzlyachku is saved, the summer heat, but with a riot of hormones that’s just annoying, coupled with persistent nocturnal leg cramps.